Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Request

To the five people who read this blog (I know I'm rounding up): I need your help. I need to know what kind of content you want to see on this site? Do you like the album reviews? Do you like lists? Do you want video content? Do you want original content, like original songs I've written? Do you want things like the McArthur Park post? What is it i that you want to see from this site? I'm at a loss for a direction for this site.

At the moment I'm working on some video content hopefully to be updated weekly and I would like to have a post once a week as well. Do you like this? Do you hate this? If you hate everything please let me know specifically in what ways I suck at this the most.

The hardest part about blogging is the fact that the only one who gives you feed back is yourself. I'm a horrible judge of my own work so I need your help. All three of you. Please!

I feel less like an Angry Guitar Chick and more like a Begging Guitar Chick, but let's face it I'm loyal to my readers. When I finally become a famous musician you guys will be at the top of my list because you helped me with this blog. Think how cool that would be!

Hope to have a more real post later, maybe not today but probably tomorrow what with all this snow on the ground. Please leave comments questions and concerns in the comments below. To the left you'll see a poll, you may have noticed it when you first got here. If you don't have enough time, (or don't care enough!! D:) click on the options you'd like to see the most. This is all about making this site better for you! Feel free to link the site to your friends too and see what they think. Any help from anyone is appreciated.  

<3s 'n stuff ya'll.


  1. More original content sounds good. :) Really, I'm not much help because I listen to music like Rammstein, Leaves Eyes, Nightwish, Disturbed, etc. more than anything. I like everything you do because its your blog. Maybe more personal posts?

    Have you tried finding more viewers from sites like blog catalog? I know Nick got a lot of viewers from such sites. I'll see if he has any input. Because honestly, I only have 7 and most of them are people I know form the internet anyways. :p

  2. I would love to see some occasional video blogs, actually. I think they would be a nice change of pace.